Jobs categories

The managerial functions

The activity leader: He manages 4 to 10 team leaders and 50 to 120 operational collaborators. He guarantees the profitability of the teams, fixes how to reach their objectives.

Production manager: direct collaborator of the activity manager, he is responsible of controlling the production performance While guaranteeing quality and rationalization of the costs

The team leader: he reports to an activity manager he supervises a team of 10 to 15 people, which he provides The performances with the objective to realize the defined objectives

Web product manager: He leads the operational performances of the production of the activities of the site He comes in support of the head office and the persons in charge of activities through a decision support

The support functions

These are positions that support operational activities. These posts provide support for the management of production and the efficiency of the various activities

Training: fundamental support of business processes, the training targets new recruited profiles but also those who wish to increase competence. Its mission is to continuously improve quality and productivity

Team Coaching: It is a profile seconded to a particular activity, working closely with team leaders. Supports new recruits, facilitates integration, and current collaborators to identify and correct gaps and ensure achievement of objectives

Quality and training: this entity ensures compliance with quality standards and processes, in line with the normative requirements of the originators. In order to improve, it is also working to improve them.

Informatics and technology: strategic support function, informatics and technology are in charge of the operation and continuity of the services of the technological infrastructures

Recruitment: the recruitment department is in charge of the search for multiple applications from which it must develop the sources. To this end, it is deploying new means of communication for the mass dissemination of job offers. Handles applications and selects new recruits he/she is responsible for following from their training to integration

Business support manager: The mission of this strategic function is to design and analyse dashboards and indicators to allow flow control (calibration & team planning), their rebalancing and adjustment in real time. It also provides forecasting planning that takes into account flow volumes

The operational functions

The customer manager: his mission is to manage the customer relationship in receipt (requests for information, complaints) or in issuing calls (...prospecting, mail order sales)

The Telephone Investigator: The Telephone Investigator’s role is to manage telephone surveys of a defined population sample, in order to collect commercial or marketing information

The Technical Support Engineer: its mission is to deal with technical customer claims. It also administers the interventions of providers in the field

Marketing Advisor : advises and assists clients in the development of their communications campaigns. It calibrates the budgets of these actions and is the guarantor of the achievement of their objectives

The commercial Engineer: in charge of Prospecting, it has the mission to develop the client portfolio and Therefore the growth of turnover

The Business Driving Planning Advisor: The Business Driving Planning Advisor’s role is to study, analyze and integrate work orders (WO) into the client information system. In this sense it optimises the plan of charges, maximizes the number of interventions in absolute compliance with the specifications. It sets up a planning methodology that integrates and meets the optimization criteria. Analyses technical reports and triggers any necessary corrective actions

Clients in receipt of calls - Mobile telephony: its mission lies in the management and optimization of the customer relationship exclusively in receipt of complaints and requests for commercial information, on the offers of mobile telephony operators

Receiving customer support – IT support: its mission is to manage technical customer complaints; it can also assist in the resolution of technical problems. Finally, it manages the interventions of providers in the field

Clients responsible for receiving calls – Internet service: its mission is the processing of claims and technical assistance requests from operators' users

Senior Commercial Advisor B2B: his mission is to identify and advise projects and/or commercialize solutions and products targeting SMEs & TPEs. It is responsible for achieving the objectives set by developing turnover

Commercial advisor B2B telecoms: its mission is to advise and sell fixed, mobile and Internet telephony solutions. It can also commercialize advanced telecommunications solutions (call distribution, digital links, fiber, etc.). It is responsible for achieving the objectives set by developing turnover